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I LOOK TO YOU Listening Event NYC

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  • 게시일 2009. 07. 22.
  • I LOOK TO YOU Listening Event NYC
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  • theyearofgreatness
    theyearofgreatness 12 년 전 +30

    You're right, it doesn't make them a good musician, it makes them a good singer. No matter what you say Whitney Houston will go down in history as one of the best singers that ever graced this planet.
    Even if you don't like her, there's no reason for you to not respect the fact that as far as she declined, she was able to get back on her feet again. There's millions of people in this world that aren't able to remove themselves from a bad situation, and Whitney did. That is why I applaud her.

    • Linda Bergman
      Linda Bergman 10 개월 전

      Yes she certainly did❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Atlnative29
    Atlnative29 12 년 전 +55

    It pains me to say this as I've always loved and followed Whitney's music, but I just have this sense about her that she may be one of those stars that passes too young. I so hope I'm wrong. She looks great, but her health just concerns me for someone only 46.

    • Creepy Touch
      Creepy Touch 4 개월 전 +1

      You’re right

    • S .McNeal
      S .McNeal 10 개월 전 +1

      Well....you were right. She was murdered.

    • Chocahontas
      Chocahontas 11 개월 전 +1


    • Tremayne Smith
      Tremayne Smith 년 전 +2

      Who would have thought right.

    • ibukayov
      ibukayov 년 전 +3

      Well, how you were right & how sad this is to this day RIP Nippy

  • sasilver1
    sasilver1 12 년 전 +28

    On Whitney's new album I really love "Like I Never Left" and "For The Lovers". Real tight!

  • B D
    B D 년 전 +6

    Damn time flies. I can't believe this album came out 11 years ago. It feels like yesterday.

    • Dori
      Dori 4 개월 전

      I wouldn’t say yesterday but certainly not as long as it has. We still miss her so much 💔

  • Heavena Wilson
    Heavena Wilson 2 년 전 +19

    I kinda wished this had been promoted as her Retirenent last CD..only because the Stress and Pressures of coming back as The Whitney of Old was just too much and too great.. People thought she would be as she once was..That's what they would expect at every concert and with every New Album.. She was still Wonderful regardless..

  • Djestar Neem
    Djestar Neem 6 년 전 +33

    She was just fine! We can see her beauty,strengh and humanity from the heart! She was really happy to come back and so excited to see her fans!!!! You'll be always loved and missed,Nippy! Rest in Heaven!

  • whitneyvic
    whitneyvic 13 년 전 +22

    Whitney is the truth! She's done only six albums but take a look at how many she has sold! She's so amazing!

  • Frank Cole
    Frank Cole 12 년 전 +12

    I just finished to listen to Call you tonight, and it sounded so fresh again, so comtemporary also! But Million dollar Bill takes me back into the 80's feeling again... I think this album will have different good sounds and"feelings", and even if Whitney doesn't sound like in her 20's, cause she is almost 50 now, she still sounds better than most of the younger stuff in the market!
    In fact, her voice is still very soulfull! I wish her the best!

  • Orbot
    Orbot 12 년 전 +9

    Yeah! She was knocked down, but she GOT BACK UP!! Ppl were praying HARD for this lady, and the prayers WORKED! Missed that voice! I need to get her new cd!

  • virginie clarke
    virginie clarke 2 년 전 +7

    Oh my God I am crying now watching her coming back & determined to prove to the world that she did change her mind & not living on an island!! Look at her kissing Bobbi Kristina 😢😢🙏🏻🙏🏻it’s heart wrenching She was so Beautiful & Talented !! Whitney you are greatly missed 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Raquel Jackson
    Raquel Jackson 12 년 전 +13

    All I have to say is she's a superwombman for sure. I love her strengths and her struggles and how she has over come what many in our families have over come or still struggle with. I love WHITNEY!!!

  • Silvia Correia
    Silvia Correia 4 개월 전

    Bom Dia daqui de SãoPauloBrasil 🇧🇷
    Coloquem legendas em Português ou Espanhol. Obrigada. Parabéns pelo canal! 😍Whitney😘

  • AustinBHahn
    AustinBHahn 13 년 전 +3

    Whitney, I love your music! You were the one who made me want to keep singing! (Love ya for that!)
    Can't wait to hear your new album!

  • kellyd daniely
    kellyd daniely 3 년 전 +5

    Uma das vozes importante pro mundo do sucesso saudades eternas

  • myriammar
    myriammar 12 년 전 +5

    She's absolutely amazing and she's still on top!!

  • Davey de Wit
    Davey de Wit 13 년 전 +10

    Welcome back Whitney!! Im so proud and happy for you!

  • BDiaz
    BDiaz 3 년 전 +4

    This would have been an amazing album if her voice had been up to it. Miss you Whitney. Rest In Peace.

  • pietje indegroei
    pietje indegroei 3 년 전 +6

    I love it Whitney 💟💟💟. Thank You so very much💜💜💜

  • Duncan Mitchel
    Duncan Mitchel 13 년 전 +1

    Whitney Houston is the best!
    The voice is back, with her unique emotional voice, that touches everybodys hearts worldwide.
    Glad to have you back |Whitney!
    be blessed,
    Duncan Mitchel

  • nippyreigne
    nippyreigne 13 년 전 +2

    She's so graceful on stage. I love what she told about the market thing. That was very good to hear coming from her. The only divalicious Diva is WHITNEY HOUSTON

  • sanyrub
    sanyrub 12 년 전 +2

    Ok I listened the whole album yesterday ang it´s really great!! So much more of what I expected....My favourites: Nothin but love, Salute and A song for you!!! Peace to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Quintessential
    The Quintessential 8 개월 전 +1

    The listening party even looks more like a memorial service. It’s almost as if they were preparing for what was about to happen years later.

  • MsPhat
    MsPhat 년 전 +2

    It's 2021 and folks still don't know who truly WROTE AND PRODUCED this song. I Look To You was written and produced by the WORLDS GREATEST...... R.KELLY!!! He wrote this song about 10yrs before they even put it out!!! Give Robert Kelly his DO JUSTICE!! NO other like him. He's BAE ALL DAY!!

  • T Carter
    T Carter 12 년 전 +2

    Even though we may fall or take wrong turns in life (and everyone has at one time or another) we can & will be restored through god's grace. I LOVE YOU WHITNEY

  • Babe Truth
    Babe Truth 년 전

    Such beauty and talent. The biggest and best singer ever❤❤

  • Duncan Mitchel
    Duncan Mitchel 13 년 전 +1

    WHitney Houston is the best, when the album hits the stores, I'm going to buy it right away:-) Where so glad that your back Whitney! Be blessed,
    Duncan Mitchel

  • X'Yana Knowels
    X'Yana Knowels 2 년 전 +8

    she definitely should’ve opened that fruit stand baby😩because all she needed to do was go off where there was peace. With her and her child away from all the madness. Interviewing and all that. God had other plans of course. But I wish in my generation I wish I would’ve known of her before she passed. And got a chance to possibly cross paths with her. I’ve been on a Whitney binge for like a week😭😂

  • MsBridget
    MsBridget 12 년 전 +1

    i can NOTTTTT wait!! i hope her album does great!

  • whitney source
    whitney source  2 년 전 +3

    And then the 2010 tour happenned. Whitney could not catch a break in life! TONS of ups and downs.

  • MTCfan
    MTCfan 13 년 전 +1

    Whitney!!! I love her. Thank you so much for posting this!

  • Dori
    Dori 4 개월 전

    She looked phenomenal 🥲❤️

  • Brian Livingston
    Brian Livingston 12 년 전 +2

    Okay, you are right about that, not that I'm being a devil's advocate. One thing I'm glad about is that we, the audience, are in full support of her, and that will make it easier for her. It's the media's affect on her that worries me. But as long as she stays strong, she'll make it through triumphantly.

  • Taint Taffy
    Taint Taffy 12 년 전 +1

    God, I love this woman.

  • April Alexander
    April Alexander 5 개월 전

    R.I.P. WHITNEY " you are truly missed never forgotten the 🌎 will never 👀 another singer like her in this life time you will always be THE G.O.A.T ❤ a true Legend .

  • wylynn craig
    wylynn craig 12 년 전 +5

    whitney i am so glad you are back we love you, go sing girl! God bless

  • Natashia Reid
    Natashia Reid 12 년 전 +1

    I'm glad to see Whitney back. Keep her in ya'll prayers!

  • faithg6
    faithg6 13 년 전 +1

    I am on my feet!!!! Whitney I love you. God bless you and your family. Your mother look beautiful and so do you. God has truely blessed you.

  • Lady C
    Lady C 년 전 +4

    Watching this saddens my heart . Whitney you will never be forgotten

  • Edward Kendrick - S
    Edward Kendrick - S 2 년 전 +2

    I was literally singing this Whitney Song in my head and when I pulled up KRclip this video was recommended wow!!!

  • westphillysoul
    westphillysoul 13 년 전 +2

    She looks great, and I can't wait. And I loved those shoes!

  • AngelaG26
    AngelaG26 12 년 전

    I am so overwhelmed with joy to see Whitney come up and out of her trials and tribulations. What we all to remember is that we all have them or have had them. Dont be so quick to throw stones. She is Human and a great woman, singer and person. Most of all congratulate her for having the courage to com back and take a bow. I love you always and forever Whit. God Bless you and your family.

  • Zandi5
    Zandi5 13 년 전

    THat photo at the beginning of the clip is stunningly beautiful!!!Looks like she is definitely back!!!

  • whitneyvic
    whitneyvic 13 년 전 +1

    Whitney is amazing!

  • cstudent04
    cstudent04 13 년 전

    OMG. Look who was there! Would have loved to be in that crowd!!!

  • Juanaya M. Ross
    Juanaya M. Ross 13 년 전

    Welcome Back Diva!! Can't wait for the album!!! yay It's about time to show all the haters who the reallll diva is girlfriend! Luv Ya!! Just write down the names of haters in your hater booklet! lol

    HISTORYKYLE 3 개월 전 +1

    I still can't accept the fact that the world lost you, Nippy.

  • Brisa Martinez
    Brisa Martinez 4 개월 전 +1

    She left me so heart broken ❤️

  • NigelAhmad
    NigelAhmad 12 년 전 +1

    She looks great! Pulling for her!
    Any realize whats going on behind the whole event?

  • Giuseppe Volpicelli
    Giuseppe Volpicelli 2 년 전 +1

    Una delle migliori voci al mondo..e stato un onore aver condiviso con la mia musica la sua grande voce...R.I.P.💝

  • Pakorn Srinawakul
    Pakorn Srinawakul 9 년 전 +9

    whitney you're my only childhood idol... and you're always will be.. with love from Thailand...

  • Sandra Söderberg
    Sandra Söderberg 13 년 전 +4

    oh, I love you so much Whitney. My eyes are tearing up when I saw Whitney speek. I miss u so much but no you're back. Stronger than before.

  • Cato
    Cato 13 년 전 +1

    I WILL welcome you back! buying the album without a doubt

  • Brian Livingston
    Brian Livingston 12 년 전 +6

    wow!!! I was thinking the EXACT same thing! They ARE putting too much pressure on her. My theory is that she still owes Clive the finishing of that 20-year contract, but she's really not ready for all this. He sincerely wants her to do well, but he is also a businessman. I pray I'm wrong about that.

  • LovelyD
    LovelyD 13 년 전

    We all fall down but what's important is that we get back up...Welcome back my girl! I never gave up on you!!!

  • leeebra
    leeebra 13 년 전

    Life is full circle and she's back on top again.

  • Lisandro Maggio
    Lisandro Maggio 13 년 전

    Gracias por regresar WHITNEY los que gustamos de las grandes voces te extrañabamos, basta de toda esa orda de sordas, Ladys GAGAS, Beyonces, y la mas sorda de todas Britney, la reina ha vuelto a correrse chirusas la dueña del trono ha vuelto. WHITNEY IS BACK

  • MJ Vybz
    MJ Vybz 2 년 전 +2

    Seeing Bobbi Kristina gave me chills

  • Danni H
    Danni H 10 년 전 +4

    Vivica should play Whitney they are both beautiful

  • Mixze' Papitchaya
    Mixze' Papitchaya 2 년 전

    6:27 Wowww!! Nippy she still gorgeous 👑🔥
    7:27 She funny
    7:43 Beautiful moment

  • Diamond Oconnell
    Diamond Oconnell 년 전 +1

    This my song for me god I look you for rest my life god always been with me through my life now we face pre cancer together in my life finally realized only needed you

  • Andrea B
    Andrea B 12 년 전 +1

    For me Whitney always sounded better live than on the albums. Now, if she is as good as on the album, I'm fine with it. We should have faith in Clive Davis, but also R.Kelly, Alicia Keys, etc. They are giving their name and work, too. And they listened to her sing. If she wasnt ready for a comeback, they would have told her. I'm sure she is ready. I can't wait to hear more of my Whitney. She is one strong woman! I love her!

  • AdamAzali
    AdamAzali 12 년 전

    honestly...all her albums are great...she is one artists whom i listen to her album and love her songs....just that sometimes...i hate it when she sings live...cos she tends to overindulge and adlibs too much.I totally love her last album..JUST WHITNEY.

  • Whitney Love
    Whitney Love 9 개월 전 +1

    Miss you so much...you were and are loved, my shining star...tomorrow be your 57th birthday in heaven baby...rest in love, peace and power

  • Marie D. DeCarter
    Marie D. DeCarter 9 년 전 +11

    Whitney was da best RnB ARTIST EVER!!!!FAREWELLL

    • Tyrell Anderson
      Tyrell Anderson 3 년 전 +2

      Wooah whoa, she was way more than an R&B artist. Gather your facts.

  • keemy281
    keemy281 12 년 전 +1

    She looks amazing. go whitney

  • Darly Ramos
    Darly Ramos 6 년 전

    sou brasileiro, fanático Simon. & Garfunkel, músicas simples Nacionais, como. pôr. exemplo Fernando Mendes. Mas a Winthyner Villa, é. show

  • newhotmailit
    newhotmailit 12 년 전


  • Наталья С.

    Уитни, добрая, хорошая, мы тоскуем о тебе.. Как же так?! Тебя не хватает этому миру..

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D 12 년 전

    Vivica looks flawless!

  • PiscesMuse
    PiscesMuse 13 년 전

    I wanna here Salute,MDB,A song for you, and I look to you. For some reason I think that I look to you will be the best vocally in the album I'm not sure tho

  • trentnjones
    trentnjones 13 년 전 +1

    I want to hear Million Dollar Bill, Call You Tonight and I Look To You the most.

  • Le Seasonnier
    Le Seasonnier 12 년 전 +1

    OMG where was that!? the place is incredibly beautiful!

  • peedy06
    peedy06 12 년 전

    Bobby Brown is going to perform at this club in downtown Birmingham, AL this Friday called The Platinum. I know he's really jealous of The Voice!

  • Rev
    Rev 13 년 전

    Naw man she's on point now. Everyone has a fall point, including yourself.

  • cynaamonj
    cynaamonj 12 년 전 +7


  • Malnic437
    Malnic437 10 년 전 +6

    Vivica looks a lot like Whitney.

  • icyhugs
    icyhugs 12 년 전

    Whitney is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!
    happy tears! Praise the Lord!

  • Ralex
    Ralex 2 년 전 +1

    Beautiful woman gone too soon

  • zdefry
    zdefry 13 년 전

    Attention everyone., a great diva is back!!!, get ready to listen amazing voice from whitney houston, She proudly presents..,I Look To You.. a stunning beautiful album from a legend. Please back of beyonce and ciara, you're no exist anymore !!

  • Emaaaaan
    Emaaaaan 2 년 전

    I live you Whitney👍💖💖

  • Abby Trini
    Abby Trini 12 년 전 +6


  • trentnjones
    trentnjones 13 년 전 +1

    This is very informative!

  • PiscesMuse
    PiscesMuse 13 년 전 +1

    That girl is beautiful!

  • angie del coro
    angie del coro 년 전

    ermosa vos amigaaaa

  • Ingrid de Roon
    Ingrid de Roon 12 년 전

    Be honest, her voice has changed....

  • José Carlos
    José Carlos 3 년 전


  • Danglades Sylvia
    Danglades Sylvia 개월 전


  • professermiller
    professermiller 13 년 전

    Bobby gonna be back in the picture soon..whitneys going to faulter under the pressure and need a hit of the "whack crack"

  • whitepilgrin
    whitepilgrin 12 년 전

    Whit has been like this always, she is happy as always

  • PiscesMuse
    PiscesMuse 13 년 전 +1

    I can see you can't hold in your joy lol

  • buttaluv10
    buttaluv10 13 년 전

    You've got good eyes! It was hard for me to catch a good glimpse at them..but they are cute! She still looks good.

  • SteelAVic18
    SteelAVic18 12 년 전 +6

    "THe SUITS" are putting PRESSURE on Whitney!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Demetrius Thomas
    Demetrius Thomas 13 년 전 +1

    grazie mille!

  • kim.chichu
    kim.chichu 년 전


  • whitneyvic
    whitneyvic 13 년 전 +1

    oh my Whitney is so beautiful and back! Is that Bobby's mother behind Diane Sawyer on 7:31 laughing?!? U can clearly see tho that Diane is so happy for Whitney on 7:45 pause it ...welcome back Nippy, the best!

  • Francina Sapp
    Francina Sapp 12 년 전 +2

    I love you Whitney.... NJ Love you.......

  • Darren Green
    Darren Green 년 전

    Love ya Whitt!!

  • ThanksWhitney
    ThanksWhitney 13 년 전

    mr.Clive... I love you soooooo much!

  • Christian Lunn
    Christian Lunn 12 년 전

    wish i could hear the songs in between x

  • Leslie Burgess
    Leslie Burgess 4 년 전 +4

    I would love to know the REAL Whitney. If she didn't like the business she should have told Clive NO!!