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Whitney Houston - Thinking About You (Dub Version - Official Audio)

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  • 게시일 2020. 06. 25.
  • "Thinking About You" by Whitney Houston - Dub Version
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    Late at night, I run to you
    Being such a love sick fool
    It might be pouring rain
    But still the same, nothings changed
    All and all, I feel no shame
    I'm just your fool the same
    (I'm just your fool)
    (I keep thinking about you baby)
    So tell me what you're gonna do
    (I keep thinking about you)
    All I wanna do is
    (Like a river of wine, intoxicate my mind
    I'm thinking about you)
    That's what I wanna do
    (Pick me up, let's go down
    I'm thinking about it too)
    (I'm thinking about you)
    You got me thinking about you
    (I'm thinking about it too)
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