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GMA Sneak Peak!

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  • 게시일 2009. 08. 31.
  • Sneak Peak of Whitney's GMA Performance for 09/02/09!!
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  • theskorpionshow
    theskorpionshow 12 년 전 +7

    I can't wait to watch this!!!

  • New Orleans Native
    New Orleans Native 12 년 전 +6

    Whitney's Album Debut at #1 on Bill Board's charts during first week of album release check it out on Billboard's top 100 album's. Take that HATERS!!!!

  • Special KEV
    Special KEV 12 년 전 +2

    Whitney Houston = The Greatest Voice

    동민DONGMIN 년 전 +1

    Love you Whitney ❤

  • Ayesha Sabouni
    Ayesha Sabouni 3 년 전 +2

    Welcome back, Whitney! I love you so much Queen Whitney!!♥️♥️

  • vinyljunkie07
    vinyljunkie07 12 년 전

    Love the new song, it's got a classic disco feel to it and totaly trashes the other garbage out there in the carts. As for remixes would love to hear what Masters At Work could do with it..honestly ask them! They did the magic with Janet

  • Daniela Cobian
    Daniela Cobian 12 년 전 +1

    she's the best

  • Lucas S.
    Lucas S. 12 년 전 +2

    The queen returns!

  • Isley Tribute
    Isley Tribute 12 년 전 +1

    Go, Whitney!

  • Alison Alves
    Alison Alves 4 년 전 +6

    Brasil 💛💚💛💚

  • zion24
    zion24 12 년 전 +1

    Im so exited, the voice is back, the one and only, miss WH.
    Buy a copy now people, support the best singer in the world, forget the past, and look the future.

  • Samuel Marrero
    Samuel Marrero 12 년 전 +1

    omg i missed her

  • SandraBesosxox
    SandraBesosxox 12 년 전 +1

    I have 2 watch this..x

  • annette perry
    annette perry 12 년 전 +1

    love the cd it been a while but you are worth the wait.

    FAUSTORICCARDO 12 년 전 +1

    Welcome back, Whitney

  • Priscilla Clancy
    Priscilla Clancy 9 개월 전


  • jonescandy88
    jonescandy88 12 년 전 +1

    i got to see this can't miss it

  • Rebeca Cecée
    Rebeca Cecée 12 년 전 +2

    ohhh yeahh!!! THE BEST!!!

  • Lilian Almeida Leite
    Lilian Almeida Leite 12 년 전 +1

    :) \q legal

  • Luis
    Luis 12 년 전 +1

    The first.
    Withney the best¡¡

  • beautifulbrwngrl
    beautifulbrwngrl 12 년 전 +1

    Welcome back!