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I LOOK TO YOU Listening Event L.A.

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  • 게시일 2009. 07. 23.
  • I LOOK TO YOU Listening Event L.A.
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  • Kit Ingram
    Kit Ingram 13 년 전 +19

    I can tell you that if you're expecting the Whitney of the Bodyguard era than you will certainly be disappointed -- her voice has changed as a result of age, touring, cigarettes (and substance abuse), and if you can't accept that then, perhaps, you shouldn't buy her album. She will sound much like she did in the My Love is Your Love era. Cultivate acceptance -- she is one of the last and greatest vocalists.

  • botasspor
    botasspor 13 년 전 +3

    I can not wait for the new album to come out. I am going to play this cd forever. I love Whitney Houston through good and bad. I would never let anyone in my ear space say anything bad about her. She is the only person that would probably have me speechless!!! I LOVE YOU WHITNEY!!!

  • Oscar Rimore
    Oscar Rimore 13 년 전 +2

    it definitely made me cry
    for real , i was expecting the exact thing from a comeback song
    the album has such variety and uptempo songs and cant wait to have it

  • JustJimmie
    JustJimmie 12 년 전

    I simply CANNOT wait for this album... Aug is such a great month!!

  • Christian Lunn
    Christian Lunn 12 년 전 +3

    i wish i could see the audience reaction to the songs x

  • Nathan Moon
    Nathan Moon 13 년 전

    i can't wait to buy the album!
    Whitney is Queen of all Queen!~

  • Hildaby
    Hildaby 13 년 전

    OMG!!! thank goodness she's back, though the song hasn't quite struck the chord 4 me yet.

  • AustinBHahn
    AustinBHahn 13 년 전 +2

    Whitney!!! I just wanted to say that I AM SO BLESSED to have even seen this!
    I would've killed (and that's right, not loved- haha! *killed*) to have been there!
    I will always love you,
    ~young Whitney Houston fan. ;)

  • LadyTai7
    LadyTai7 12 년 전 +1

    I got a record deal when I was 16 and I went with it but I wanted to be under Clive... I would probably have a hit by now if I was under Clive... he's the the absolute in this music game

  • missm472
    missm472 12 년 전

    i love her

  • Michael Gooden
    Michael Gooden 9 년 전 +3

    Love yu Whitney!

  • Roody718
    Roody718 12 년 전

    I wish whitney so much luck
    with this album....this is her only
    chance... and she knows that!

  • Jenna Hanssen
    Jenna Hanssen 12 년 전

    I LOVE U!!!! WHITNEY!!!! DIVA!!!

  • im1shak1biotches
    im1shak1biotches 13 년 전

    You aren't serious are you? There is plenty room for both of these COMPLETELY different artist! I LOVE Whitney, and I also enjoy what Beyonce brings to the table! I hope this brings Whitney back to her place in music, head of the pack... to rub it in all the nay-sayers faces! (Not for me... she has never left in my opinion, b/c I could always pop in her cd's filled with hit after hit)

  • Whitney Brown
    Whitney Brown 개월 전 +1


  • echo707
    echo707 12 년 전

    lol @ the applause edits. and this is more trafficed in Nigeria than Canada? nicely done.

  • whitepilgrin
    whitepilgrin 12 년 전


  • julio gomez
    julio gomez 12 년 전 +2

    that was Stevie Wonder!

  • Orane
    Orane 13 년 전

    did u want her to sing something like MC's "It's Like That'

  • Emad Omar
    Emad Omar 4 년 전


  • Anthony c Johns
    Anthony c Johns 12 년 전

    great speaker

  • Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    Look at the stars.

  • pongman
    pongman 13 년 전

    I could certainly use another Whitney Huston album. My Whitney vinyls I can't play anymore because my turntable is messed up. If only they could put this on a vinyl then I'd get another turntable. :-) Oh well I guess I'll have to get the cd. :-(

  • Gayle Lecus
    Gayle Lecus 13 년 전 +1

    This is the end of Beyonce. Whitney has taken the throne on this one. The title track is good and could be a spiritual song...

    • d
      d 년 전


  • Me. I am WhitneyHouston Eternal love fan♥

    smh clive rush whitney back in music game too fast i wish when clive call whitney to come back to music i wish she just say no to him

  • patricia buxton
    patricia buxton 8 년 전 +2

    man I love me some whintey, nothing r no 1 can bring this down 4 me, love all whintey...

  • LadyTai7
    LadyTai7 13 년 전

    I am going to beg... borrow... and steal... well maybe not steal... but I gotta see Whitney when she tours to LA!

  • sangQcsase Choi
    sangQcsase Choi 2 년 전

    여기가 미국의 에라이구나!!

  • Priscilla Clancy
    Priscilla Clancy 9 개월 전 +1


  • Cheryl Medley
    Cheryl Medley 12 년 전

    Whitney God Bless you and I loce U even if you don't know me I got you had you all along I new all wass apart of your making so let's lift up our other brothers and sisters I luv you I look to you

  • Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    Looks like it was a big affair.

  • Jason Roseburgh
    Jason Roseburgh 13 년 전

    No its Penny Marshall she directed the preachers wife.

  • D'Aughntrice Jackson
    D'Aughntrice Jackson 12 년 전 +1

    Do you mean JANE FONDA?

  • emad slam
    emad slam 2 년 전


  • Christian Lunn
    Christian Lunn 12 년 전

    @HipHopcheerleader it is bobby kristina :) x

  • Christian Lunn
    Christian Lunn 12 년 전

    @HipHopcheerleader lol aint tht stevie wonder actually lol i dont know lol ignore me haha

  • Lynn Mohror
    Lynn Mohror 13 년 전 +2

    I agree. Boring song. It may mean something to her, but sorry, it's not current or contemporary.
    Why are all these older people there at this party. That demo doesn't buy music half as much as 25 and younger. The average age there was 55.