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Whitney Houston "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"

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  • 게시일 2012. 05. 23.
  • Whitney Houston performs "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" from the Sparkle Movie Soundtrack. Learn more about SPARKLE here sparkle-movie.com/
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    KENNETH CROUCH 9 년 전 +176


  • matonguitar
    matonguitar 6 년 전 +91

    You can really hear Whitney's roots in this song. There you are, sitting in church and Whitney Houston gets up to sing....WOW!!!

  • Sinivah Fa
    Sinivah Fa 년 전 +47

    Everytime I hear Whitney sing my heart feels full. May her and daughter rest in love and peace.

  • Baptist702
    Baptist702 9 년 전 +17

    Whitney Houston is one of the most magnificent voices in human history!

  • Danielle Cutler
    Danielle Cutler 7 개월 전 +8

    This was mother's favorite song. When I heard Whitney sing it, it brought me to tears. I know Whitney is leading the heavenly choir and my mother is there rejoicing. RIP WHITNEY AND MOMMY 🕊🕊🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • MojitoJunior
    MojitoJunior 9 년 전 +27

    It upsets me, instead, everytime I hear someone making comparison between her first voice and the late one. Because EVERYONE knows "she could have delivered ANY song way differently with her younger voice". But Whitney has gone through ALOT in her life and she has changed ALOT, just like her voice did. But what NEVER did change, is that she ALWAYS delivered any song she performed in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. And she did it FOR REAL! No lipsync, No autotunes, No tricks. SHE WAS TRUE!

    4EVER TRUE! 3 년 전 +18

    HE gave us one sun, one moon, and one Whitney!!💜💜💜💜

  • Tamyra Chapman
    Tamyra Chapman 9 개월 전 +7

    We lost an angel but we really didn't lose her rip whitney and daughter you were and still are a blessing for me and my family my heart is full

  • GoldenRolo
    GoldenRolo 10 년 전 +32

    "I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free, His Eye is On the Sparrow, And I know he watches me."
    What a wonderful song to end off on.. Miss ya Whit.

  • musicmintPatti
    musicmintPatti 9 년 전 +10

    Why is it that whenever Whitney sings something...it's absolute perfection???

  • derrick braithwaite
    derrick braithwaite 7 년 전 +62

    Her voice is wonderful to hear!!!

    MELSTARS WORLD! 7 년 전 +48

    There is nothing no one here on earth can say, When God chose to bring her home we all got to witness his gift as we heard the last vocals and testimony of Ms Whitney as she sang his eye is on a sparrow, that was her last testimony given to us to here on earth i hope that i am blessed to leave my testimony when he decides to come for me.

  • Ntorrence2011
    Ntorrence2011 9 년 전 +18

    When she opens her mouth to sing For God Her voice comes back The holy Spirit Fills her Voice back up and make her sound beautiful

  • bbw857
    bbw857 6 년 전 +101

    Listening to Whitney sing this song. May Whitney and Bobbi Kristina both RIP!!!!

  • bella sekhon
    bella sekhon 9 년 전 +10

    Whitney Houston was absolutely a gift!!!! Her voice was so powerful. She was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! She was and still is a huge inspiration to me!!! Her voice is so powerful it makes me cry!!! I am beyond sad that she died :(

  • Jamie Sunshine
    Jamie Sunshine 10 년 전 +17


  • a m
    a m 9 년 전 +10

    Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! Shando!!!!!!! She makes me cry each time I hear her sing. Yes Whitney is truly free...resting with her King Jesus!!!! Glory!!!!!! R.I.P. Queen Whitney!!!!!

  • EneSpeaks
    EneSpeaks 6 년 전 +31

    This song is giving me the strength and faith to get up eat day after the end of a 6 year relationship. Trusting that His eye is on the sparrow...always.

    • Belle Vaness
      Belle Vaness 5 년 전 +2

      don't let anyone or anything steal you joy!!!

  • Rhian Jones
    Rhian Jones 5 개월 전 +1

    Listening to Whitney Houston takes me back to club days and misspent young adulthood with my bestie Annette. Netty's passed away, as has my mum, but Whitney's music lives on ... sing it girl

  • Racheal Ames
    Racheal Ames 9 년 전 +13

    Praise Jesus for giving us all the opportunity to be able to absorb the Angelic Voice! She is now free...and she is watching over all

  • Patricia Rathbun
    Patricia Rathbun 9 년 전 +12

    Absolutely breath taking - literally I held my breath through most of it with out even thinking her voice was of an Angel and now she is heaven's angel RIP Whitney

  • Lady Caudill
    Lady Caudill 년 전 +7

    August of 2020, still so beautiful

  • Todd Brown
    Todd Brown 4 개월 전 +1

    Whitney sang this song with so much anointing. Whenever she sang Gospel Music, you could always her Angelic spirit. As well as the presence of God. Mr. Kenneth Crouch, you really played that piano..When keys are played the way you were playing, you have no choice but to sang with anointing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful selection.
    I miss the musical genius, and anointing of our true Angel Ms. Whitney Houston. I know she's with our heavenly father, singing with that heavenly choir without a care in the world. God bless her Iconic, and Legendary Memory. Missed, but never ever forgotten. She left us such beautiful music, and paved the way for so many.🎵😇❤🕊💯🕊🙏🏽❤🎙🎵🕊💯🕊

  • Annice Culp
    Annice Culp 9 년 전 +4

    Hearing Whitney sing is to get a taste of what the angels must sound like. Only God could of created something so beautiful.

  • Jahméne
    Jahméne 10 년 전 +2

    Her Voice .. The Piano .. welcome the Holy Spirit ..
    Wow .. this moves me inside - out
    She always gave all she could
    Her life was dedicated to giving herself through music
    People don't always seem to know how much that takes.
    'I sing because I'm Happy'
    That uplifting smile and spirit will live on through these sounds.
    'Thank you Lord'

  • Maria Oyine
    Maria Oyine 6 년 전 +42

    I don't wanna ever believe that she is gone. Too soon. Rest in peace.

  • Brie Osborne
    Brie Osborne 8 년 전 +26

    Thank you God for blessing us with your daughter Whitney. May she be truly at peace now. We will continue to enjoy her gift while you embrace her in Hevan.

  • Elexis Pace
    Elexis Pace 년 전

    Love This song ❤❤

  • Colin Sinfield
    Colin Sinfield 8 년 전 +2

    Despite everything she could still turn in a performance like this. Stunning.

  • martha phillips
    martha phillips 8 년 전 +16

    Class...pure class from Whitney

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal 7 년 전 +30

    shivers everytime, the best part of that movie sparkle hands down

  • BlessedandBeautiful 83

    One thing about Whitney was she could never leave her roots and she knew Christ and you felt the love and the gifts He gave to her as a results. She took the whole world to church on the day of her funeral and you cannot argue with that. And Bishop Marvin Winans and the presiding Pastor represented the Body of Christ well in the service. Praise the Lord. I will never forget the pallbearer taking her body away and she sang to us 'I will always love you'

  • RachTuts
    RachTuts 10 년 전 +1

    Voice of an angel.❤ Whitney will be forever missed!

  • halogirl316
    halogirl316 9 년 전 +1

    This was sung amazingly! Love Whitney Houston....RIP!

  • litalover19
    litalover19 10 년 전 +11

    Can you imagine if she sang this 10 or 15 years ago. It would have been overly amazing. This is amazing considering the condition her voice was in during her final year of her life.

  • Diane R
    Diane R 년 전 +2

    Thank you Whitney...there are no other words but tears. This I know, you are Home with our lord and Savior. May you rest in perfect peace. We will miss you here forever God bless 💕🙏🏻

    • James25444
      James25444 년 전 +1

      Whitney Houston his eye is on the sparrow

  • stephen wright
    stephen wright 8 년 전 +5

    His eye is on the sparrow.
    Don't be discouraged by those who try to put you down.
    God sees everything and looks after his own.
    What a positive message and scintillatingly sung.

    TOO REAL 10 개월 전 +1


  • icecream7yum1
    icecream7yum1 9 년 전 +3

    Magnificent voice! This music is a blessing.

  • Cristiano Lagôas
    Cristiano Lagôas 10 년 전

    Perfeito! Saudades de vc Whitney. Mta paz!

  • Shawn Martin
    Shawn Martin 11 개월 전 +1

    So beautiful!

  • Kah Oliveira
    Kah Oliveira 10 년 전

    lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa essa musica amo amo muito whitney sempre nao importa aonde ela estiver sempre vou amar ela e as musicas dela I LOVE WHITNEY

  • Sophie Nguefack
    Sophie Nguefack 6 년 전 +11

    I love her voice Rip Whitney houston

  • Naledi D
    Naledi D 8 년 전 +13

    One of my favorite songs through out the movie

  • Ashton-Lee Johnson
    Ashton-Lee Johnson 9 년 전 +2

    Reminds me of The 'Preachers Wife" soundtrack. Best singer of all time; Her voice and stage presence can be compared to none

  • snowywoods1942
    snowywoods1942 3 년 전 +1

    Such a beautiful, wonderful voice. RIP Whitney.

  • Bugatti TV
    Bugatti TV 9 년 전 +10

    It kicks me in my soul when I hear this

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 10 년 전

    great way to say it :) Whitney always had the emotion, and such dedication for her music. That's why she has a legacy that will forever live

  • Ericka Horne
    Ericka Horne 7 년 전 +1

    Beautiful. The most amazing voice there ever was!

  • Yvonne Barden
    Yvonne Barden 10 년 전

    Classic, soul-stirring Whitney! A voice to be treasured through the ages!

  • Refiner Similitude
    Refiner Similitude 2 년 전 +3

    RIP beautiful woman.

  • Roseli Telles
    Roseli Telles 3 년 전 +1

    Eterna Diva👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Element Mo
    Element Mo 9 년 전 +1

    I love Whitney Houston, she truly had a gift from God. Rest in Peace.

  • LadyVee323
    LadyVee323 8 년 전

    Just gives me chills. Thank you lord for all you do

  • Leticia Gabriela Leites

    Belleza inigualable! !! Voz soñada!!!! ♡ ♡ ♡

  • 253songbird
    253songbird 9 년 전 +1

    I was fine throughout the entire movie until I heard the organ. As soon I heard it, I started crying and then when she started signing it was over. Such an anointing. She sings because she's free! Bless the Lord!!! Amen.

  • Davleen Nakazibwe
    Davleen Nakazibwe 7 년 전 +1

    One of my favourite songs i was blown away when i heard Whitney sing it she had such an amazing voice' RIP Whitney we miss you.

  • Piotrek Kaszkur
    Piotrek Kaszkur 7 개월 전 +2


  • crowned_cat
    crowned_cat 9 년 전

    You did an incredible job! It brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my skin. Thank you so much.

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks 년 전 +1

    Hope going to listen Whitney 2020 forever with beautiful voice of times. R.I.P Queen

  • Ali Jumper
    Ali Jumper 9 년 전

    One of the greatest musicians to ever walk this Earth and a great role model at that. Her legacy will forever live on. RIP Whitney

  • TB 2
    TB 2 10 년 전

    A beautiful rendition of a gospel classic....and an awesome exit from a true angel! R.I.P. Whitney

  • Retro Spaceman xD
    Retro Spaceman xD 9 년 전 +2

    Her Soul, will always remain a legend on this planet.

  • mspinkaries
    mspinkaries 9 년 전 +1

    When this scene came on in the movie, I was boohoo crying! I love you Whitney!!!! This is amazing!!!! We miss you sooooo much!

  • cara floyd
    cara floyd 8 년 전 +2

    Love it Whitney... your will always be the greatest to me...

  • RWade Sherman Jr
    RWade Sherman Jr 10 년 전

    The pure raw talent and anointing in her voice even at this stage in has career. RIP Whitney Houston, God's blessing to us. #TheVoice

  • Vasco Estêvão
    Vasco Estêvão 10 년 전 +1

    It's so good to listen

  • Natasha Bielinski
    Natasha Bielinski 10 년 전

    Loved the song, brought tears to my eyes...Miss you Whitney!!! We are all watching over you!!!

  • Pati Heinz
    Pati Heinz 8 년 전 +14

    I love this, but even more, "I Look to You" . R.I.P. Angel-Whitney. Much Love.

  • Huroncilla
    Huroncilla 10 년 전

    Madre mía...
    Sin palabras :'(
    Precioso tema y hermosa su voz!! ❤

  • John Petrovich
    John Petrovich 10 년 전

    Got the goose bumps....love it love it......

  • Dane Harvey
    Dane Harvey 10 년 전

    LOVE IT!

  • Aaron Dorsey
    Aaron Dorsey 10 년 전

    Omg this song was everything I was waiting to hear!!! That run at 2:45 was....well let me just say you have to go to church to understand that lol. Whitney did an amazing job! Greatest singer that ever placed a mic to her mouth!

  • widebody123
    widebody123 9 년 전

    btw. I loved Whitney, definitely one of the greatest singing talents to ever grace this world. When she died I honestly was heartbroken.

  • Marlon Carbonel
    Marlon Carbonel 3 년 전

    Thank you, Whitney for letting us listen to your beautiful songs..,

  • Ryan Claypool
    Ryan Claypool 9 년 전 +1

    What an amazing voice Whitney Houston had!!! 3 I miss her beautiful voice she had.

  • gatsby vista
    gatsby vista 9 년 전

    she sounds amazing!!! missing you Whitney

  • joseph Brown
    joseph Brown 9 년 전

    Beautiful. I just love all of Whitney's movies

  • Derrick Braithwaite-Mais
    Derrick Braithwaite-Mais 10 개월 전

    This song bringing me back to church.✅✅✅👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️🇯🇲🇨🇦🇧🇧🎶

  • Jamie Sunshine
    Jamie Sunshine 10 년 전 +1

    FREE FROM ALL THE PAIN OF THIS WORLD.Whitney still the Queen of all voices.

  • radogaal1
    radogaal1 9 년 전

    This is just beautiful!

  • LaShae’ Hunter
    LaShae’ Hunter 9 년 전 +3

    Yes Lord, Amen. God bless Whitney Soul.

  • Mary Rhodes-Rasheed

    Whitney Houston will always live in my heart her voice is anointed and she is the best! Let her RIP and be in our hearts forever

  • Valerie Glaze
    Valerie Glaze 9 년 전

    love it

  • Jerry Christmas
    Jerry Christmas 10 년 전

    its great i love it

  • Ayanna Webb
    Ayanna Webb 7 년 전 +5

    I luv this song, Whitney Houston and Sparkle

  • A Han
    A Han 9 년 전 +1

    No one brings out the beauty of a song like Whitney . Sincere. And praising the lord .

  • Nadia Dean
    Nadia Dean 10 년 전

    i love this a lot. she is awesome . God bless her. Rest in Peace....you singing God's choir.

  • juniper-0
    juniper-0 10 년 전

    Always in our hearts ❤

  • Michael Dowling
    Michael Dowling 5 년 전 +1

    so miss this lady no one sings like she could truly once in a lifetime voice ..

  • Ty3857
    Ty3857 8 년 전

    I have to hear this song each and every day. It is absolutely the best performance of this song. This song makes my day and I'm in tears daily. I am blessed and thankful for what I do and do not have.

  • WhitsGirlz
    WhitsGirlz 10 년 전

    So full of passion...Can't wait for the movie!!

  • Elisa P
    Elisa P 10 년 전

    Simply beautiful. Pierces my heart. It's not the powerful, youthful voice of Whitney in the 80's, not the high-note-hitting, matured voice of the 90's but it is a seasoned voice with so much more character. An exquisite interpretation of a song honed by her life's experiences. Miss u much. Sad that it is a longing with no hopes of reprieve. :-(

  • michele baker
    michele baker 10 년 전 +1

    Legends live forever!!! Thank you for giving us many years of beautiful music. RIP Whitney!

  • Tommy BONA FIDE
    Tommy BONA FIDE 8 년 전 +11

    I love whiney Houston and I love the way she sang this song

  • Danette Cooper
    Danette Cooper 9 년 전

    love it, love it, love it.

  • RicTown07
    RicTown07 10 년 전

    I literally just started crying without intending two.. because we watch her struggle in the public eye and the song is perfect for her..words can't describe how much this just hit my heart and soul head on.

  • C f
    C f 6 년 전 +2

    To the Houston family..whitney for me always touched my ❤ with that golden voice and you could not only feel her love but ess it as well..miss her.God has truly blessed ur fam..💘 much

  • amabajan
    amabajan 8 년 전

    I love it

  • jestiny32
    jestiny32 9 년 전

    I love Whitney since the first time I heard her